Rock the Vote

Voting is one of the fundamental pillars of a democracy, and elections offer citizens the opportunity to exercise their voting privileges. The Secretary of State's office is excited to team up with Rock the Vote to help foster civic participation among South Dakota's young people through Democracy Class - a program designed to provide high school teachers with a tool to enhance civic education.

Rock the VoteDemocracy Class powered by Rock the Vote

It doesn't take long to register to vote, and the process is easy.
Visit our Voter Registration page, which offers step-by-step
instructions and helpful links. Your vote is your voice - be heard!

Democracy Class powered by Rock the Vote

  • Is a FREE, nonpartisan program, and it's easy to sign up to get the tools for your school.
  • Offers teachers a fun 45-minute lesson plan that uses music, video, pop culture, classroom discussion and a mock election to educate.
  • Supplies educator resources: lesson plan, video, voter registration form and rules, official ballot for mock election and "Keep on Rocking the Vote!" card.
  • Walks students through the processes of voter registration and voting.
  • Maintains student websites that offer celebrity videos, free music downloads and voter-registration information.