Executive Orders

Executive orders as issued by the Governor are not laws, but do have the same binding nature. Executive orders are usually based on existing constitutional or statutory powers of the Governor and do not require any action by the state legislature to take effect. They are used to detail the operations and organization of government, such as a Governor reorganizing government, or declaring administrative leave for the day after Thanksgiving.

Current Year Executive Orders

Order Number Dated Filed Title
2020-01 20200114 State Contract Requirements Relating to Anit-BDS Movement
2020-02 20200213 Administratively Closed
2020-03 20200309 Child Support Commission
2020-04 20200313 COVID-19: State of Emergency
2020-05 20200313 COVID-19: State Employees
2020-06 20200319 COVID-19: Extending EO 2020-05
2020-07 20200323 COVID-19: Medical Assistance
2020-08 20200323 COVID-19: Personal, Business, and Healthcare Precautions
2020-09 20200324 COVID-19: Extending EO 2020-06
2020-10 20200326 COVID-19: Temporary Suspensions
2020-11 20200402 COVID-19: Statewide Disaster Declaration
2020-12 20200406 COVID-19: Extending EO 2020-08
2020-13 20200406 COVID-19: Minnehaha & Lincoln Counties
2020-14 20200407 COVID-19: Teacher Evaluations/Public Meeting Physical Locations/Sanctions for Parole Violations

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