Steve Barnett


State Board of Elections

State statute provides for a seven member State Board of Elections.  The Secretary of State is the chairperson of the board.  Other board members are appointed by legislative leadership which provides party balance.  Two members are county auditors.

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Statute provides four main functions for the Board.

SDCL 12-1-9 provides the Board with rule-making authority to promulgate administrative rules dealing with many aspects of election conduct.

SDCL 12-1-10 requires the Board to make recommendations to the Secretary of State regarding desirable election law changes.

SDCL 12-1-21 designates the Board to resolve any complaints filed under Section 402 of the Help America Vote Act.

SDCL 12-17B-2 allows the Board to certify automated ballot tabulating systems before they may be used in the state.  A list of certifications is provided here.

Current Board of Elections members are:

Jackie Sieverding
Address: 209 East Main Street, Ste 200, Elk Point, SD 57025
Phone: (605) 356-2101
Title: Union County Auditor
Appointed by: Speaker of the House
Expiration: 01/31/2025

Michael Buckingham
Address: 5569 Blue Stem Ct, Rapid City, SD 57702
Phone: (605) 858-0807
Appointed by: House Majority Leader
Expiration: 01/31/2022

Margaret V. Gillespie
Address: 29166 481st Ave., Hudson, SD 57034
Phone: (605) 359-5152
Fax: (605) 934-2551
Secondary Email
Appointed by: House Minority Leader
Expiration: 1/31/2024

John Lake
Address: 1105 E Garfield Ave, Gettysburg, SD 57442
Phone: (605) 765-9547
Appointed by: Senate Majority Leader
Expiration: 01/31/2025

Steve Barnett
Address: 500 E. Capitol Ave., Pierre, SD 57501-5070
Phone: (605) 773-3537
Fax: (605) 773-6580
Title: Secretary of State, Chairman
Appointed by: Virtue of Office
Expiration: 01/5/2023

Karen Layher
Address: 210 East 5th Avenue, Milbank, SD 57252
Phone: (605) 432-6711
Fax: (605) 432-9004
Title: Grant County Auditor
Appointed by: Speaker of the House
Expiration: 01/31/2023

Linda Lea M Viken
Address: 2640 Jackson Blvd, Ste. 5, Rapid City, SD 57702
Phone: (605) 721-7231
Appointed by: Senate Democratic Leader
Expiration: 01/31/2023