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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Pistol Permits

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1. What do I do if I need to change my address or name on my pistol permit? What if I lost my permit?

Send a letter to the SOS office at:
   Secretary of State
   Attn: Permits
   500 E. Capitol Ave.
   Pierre, SD 57501

Please Include:

  • Your Name (Both OLD and New if changing)
  • Permit Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Address (Both OLD and New if changing)
  • Your Signature

2. Where do I go when it is time to renew my permit?

Go to your local sheriff's office to reapply. You may contact information for your local sheriff by going to the South Dakota Sheriff' Association website.

3. How soon may I renew my permit?

You may renew your regular permit up to 90 days before the expiration date.
Enhanced may be renewed up to 365 days prior to expiration and gold card permits may be renewed up to 180 days before the expiration date.
Go to your local sheriff's office to reapply. You may find contact information for your local sheriff by going to the South Dakota Sheriffs' Association website.

4. Does South Dakota issue non-resident permits?

No, but South Dakota recognizes valid concealed pistol permits from all other U.S. states for individuals who may lawfully possess a concealed pistol.

5. How long does it take to obtain residency in the state to obtain a pistol permit?

30 days.

6. May I openly carry?

South Dakota allows permit-less open carry as well as permit-less concealed carry for residents and non-residents.

7. Is there a limit to the amount of ammunition I may carry?

Please contact the Attorney General's Office for guidance at (605) 773-3215.

8. May I carry on my motorcycle?

Under SDCL 32-20-6.6, the firearm must be unloaded and in a carrying case that encloses the entire firearm, but a person may carry a concealed pistol on a motorcycle if he or she possess a concealed carry permit issued under chapter 23-7.

9. How may I find out who has a concealed carry pistol permit?

This information is not a public record (SDCL 23-7-8.6). However, law enforcement agencies and the Secretary of State's Office may access this information. (SDCL 23-7-8.10)

10. May I have a regular concealed pistol permit, the enhanced permit, and the gold card at the same time?

Yes, you may hold multiple types of permits simultaneously.

11. What is the difference between a regular, gold card and enhanced permit?

You may find this information on our Permit Types page.

12. Who may I contact for more information on the enhanced course? Will out-of-state training courses be accepted?

No, a South Dakota training course must be completed. For more information regarding the training instructors or classes, please contact DCI or by calling (605)773-3331.

13. What is the difference between Reciprocity and Recognition?

Some states, such as South Dakota, recognize valid permits issued by other states without a formal agreement. These states are considered "Recognition" states.

"Reciprocity" exists when there is a written agreement between two states to recognize each other's concealed carry permits.

14. Which states recognize South Dakota permits?

The Pistol Permit page of the Secretary of State's website displays a showing states where South Dakota permits are valid through reciprocity or recognition.

15. Is my pistol permit from another state transferable when I move to South Dakota?

No. Pistol permits from other states are not transferable for South Dakota permits. You must apply at the county sheriff's office in your South Dakota county of residence to obtain a South Dakota concealed carry permit.

16. Can I take an online enhanced permit course?

No. Per SDCL 23-7-58, an applicant must complete the Enhanced Permit Handgun Course by a certified instructor. Click here for the current list of Enhanced Concealed Pistol Use of Force Instructors.

17. What happens to my restricted enhanced permit when I turn 21?

If you hold an unexpired restricted enhanced permit, upon turning 21, you may email or write a letter to the Secretary of State's Office requesting an unrestricted enhanced permit. The permit will be issued at no additional cost (SDCL 23-7-54.4).

Send to:
Secretary of State
Attn: Permits
500 E. Capitol Ave.
Pierre, SD 57501