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Register to Vote, Update Voter Registration or Cancel Voter Registration

Registration & Voting

How to register:
Print the Voter Registration Form, fill-out the form, sign it and then submit it to your County Auditor. Your Voter Registration form with an original signature must be received by the auditor 15 days before any election if you wish to vote in that election. South Dakota law does not allow you to submit your voter registration form via fax or email.

You can use this form to:

  • Register to vote in South Dakota
  • Change your registration name or address
  • Change your party affiliation
  • Cancel your voter registration by filling out the voter cancellation form.
    • You may also do this by filling out the bottom portion of the voter registration form. (Sections 10-12)
      • Please also include your DOB and sign the form.

Voter Registration Form:
Voter Registration Form PDF Document

Registering to vote in South Dakota is a simple and easy process.  Follow the guidelines below to register to vote.

To register to vote in South Dakota, you must:

You may also register to vote at the following locations:

  • County auditor's office
  • Driver's license station (when you are renewing or applying for a driver's license you may also register to vote on the driver's license application)
  • City Finance Office
  • Public assistance agencies providing food stamps, TANF or WIC
  • Department of Human Services offices which provide assistance to the disabled
  • Military recruitment offices

Party Registration:

  • The South Dakota Democratic Primary is open to registered Democrats and Independents/No Party Affiliation voters, but not Republicans.
  • The South Dakota Libertarian Primary is open to voters registered as Libertarian, Independent or No Party Affiliation.
  • The South Dakota Republican Primary is open to only registered Republicans.
  • No Labels - information will be available after their bylaws have been submitted.

In a Primary election, a voter is given only the ballot for the party which the voter is registered in, except for voters registered as an Independent or No Party Affiliation (NPA).

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