Nonprofit Corporations

If you intend to apply for an IRS federal tax exemption as a charitable organization, your articles of incorporation must contain a required purpose clause and a dissolution of assets provision. Information on 501(c)(3) qualification is available on the IRS website,

Domestic Nonprofit Corporations:

Domestic Forms are used by organizations incorporated IN South Dakota.

Foreign Nonprofit Corporations:

Foreign Forms are used by organizations whose state of incorporation is NOT South Dakota.


The corporation forms are available in Adobe Acrobat fill-able format.
Loading Acrobat Reader

  • All required fields on the form will have a box.
  • Click on the form fields and type, tab to the next field.
  • Click on the check boxes to mark or unmark them.

Print the form and mail it. You may print the form and complete in ink if you do not wish to fill it out on your computer.