State Agencies Debt Write-Off Information

The Board of Finance will NOT consider requests for write off of bad debts unless those debts have first been referred to the Obligation Recovery Center(ORC), or the agency has provided sufficient documentation to explain why the debt should not be referred to the Center. Agencies submitting requests to write off debt shall complete the Board of Finance Debt Write-Off Request form and attach the required documentation.

If the Board of Finance determines that the provided documentation is not sufficient, the Board reserves the right to require the debt to be referred to the Obligation Recovery Center for collection.

Required Documents:
  • Debt Write-Off Request Form
  • If the write-off includes more that 25 requests, a summary listing of all requests, dates and amounts in an Excel spreadsheet MUST accompany the request form.
  • If the debt has NOT been referred to the Obligation Recover Center, provide documentation explaining why.