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Vote Center Counties:

Auditor: Lori Schultz
520 3rd St., Suite 100
Brookings, SD 57006
Phone number: 605-696-8250

Auditor: Lynn Heupel
25 Market Street STE 1
Aberdeen, SD 57401-4293
Phone number: 605-626-7110

Auditor: Stacy Pinney
PO Box 698
Phillip, SD 57567
Phone number: 605-859-2800

Auditor: Thomas Oliva
104 E. Capitol Avenue
Pierre, SD 57501
Phone number: 605-773-7451

Auditor: Marilyn Ring
412 Commercial Ave. SE
Highmore, SD 57345
Phone number: 605-852-2519

Auditor: Sarita Waldner
201 S Exene
Gettysburg, SD 57442-1521
Phone number: 605-765-9408

Auditor: Susan Lamb
PO Box 265
Onida , SD 57564
Phone number: 605-258-2541

Auditor: Patty Hojem
321 W. 3rd St., Ste 100
Yankton, SD 57078-4396
Phone number: 605-260-4436

Custer (does not use vote centers)
Auditor: Dawn McLaughlin
420 Mt. Rushmore Rd.
Custer, SD 57730
Phone number: 605-673-8173

12-1-3. Definition of terms used in title. Terms used in this title mean:
(5) "Electronic pollbook," an electronic system containing both the registration list and pollbook;
(13) "Pollbook" or "poll list," a list containing in numerical order the names of all persons voting at the election and type of ballot voted;
(20) "Vote center," a polling place when the precinct has been defined as the entire jurisdiction and an electronic pollbook is utilized;

12-14-17. Vote centers. Notwithstanding any other law, a jurisdiction may conduct an election using vote centers in accordance with this section. The election shall be conducted in accordance with all applicable election laws and rules other than:
(1) The jurisdiction may use vote centers that allow voters in the jurisdiction to vote at any of the vote centers in lieu of establishing precincts and wards for the election;
(2) Any person who is registered to vote and living in the jurisdiction may be appointed as a polling place superintendent or deputy to any of the vote centers;
(3) Secure, encrypted electronic pollbooks shall be used in lieu of paper registration books;
(4) The entire jurisdiction is designated as one voting precinct for the election; and
(5) Any jurisdiction that uses vote centers shall provide a printed paper voter registration list and a printed and bound paper pollbook to each vote center prior to the opening of the polls.

12-16-28.   Pollbooks--Voter registration lists. The person in charge of an election shall provide paper ballot precincts with a pollbook in the form prescribed by the State Board of Elections for each election precinct for the purposes of 12-18-5. If any jurisdiction uses electronic pollbooks, but does not use vote centers, the person in charge of the election shall provide a printed paper voter registration list and a printed and bound paper pollbook to each precinct prior to the opening of the polls.

5:02:17:14. Electronic pollbook security. The file containing active and inactive registered voter names, numbers, ballot types and other voter information for an electronic pollbook must be located in the electronic pollbook. The electronic pollbook file may only be located on a network drive or removable drive if password protected. The electronic pollbook shall be connected to a secure internet or intranet connection.

An electronic pollbook file shall be password protected. The password shall be provided only to the precinct superintendent and person in charge of the election who may not divulge the password to any other person.

No person, other than the precinct election official assigned to operate the electronic pollbook, may be allowed to enter any information into the electronic pollbook.

Following the completion of the recapitulation sheet at the close of the polls, the electronic pollbook file shall be immediately closed so that it is password protected.

The electronic pollbook file may not be reopened prior to the official canvass. If the board of canvassers examines the electronic pollbook file, the board must check the audit trail of the electronic pollbook file prior to opening the file to determine that the file has not been accessed since the close of the polls.