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What If My Name Changes?

There are three options available to someone who changes their name during the term of the Notary Public Commission:

  1. Continue to use the Notary Commission as it was issued. The Notary would continue to sign their name using the surname on the commission.
  2. Continue to use the Notary Commission as it was issued and, at their option, add to the signature an appropriate notation such as "presently" or "now" and the new name. (Example: Sally Smith, presently Sally Jones).
  3. Change the name on the Notary Commission. The Notary must purchase a new seal and place the imprint on the form. Also, be sure to contact your insurance company to request a Rider document indicating the change made to their records and send this with your form. After this has been submitted to the Secretary of State, a Notary Public Name Change Certificate will be issued without any additional filing fee.

To access the Notary Change Form, click here(Effective 07/01/2024) .