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Policies and Procedures

Consistent with SDCL 12-4-6.1, the operative voter registration date on a Voter Registration Application submitted to an Agency within five days following any voter registration deadline is the date the individual signed and dated the application, not the date the agency mailed it, the postmark date of the transmission, or the date received by the county auditor.

It is required that all agencies date-stamp the receipt of a Voter Registration Application and adopt uniform written procedures for logging when a Voter Registration Application is transmitted to a county auditor office.

Consistent with 52 U.S.C 20504(d), all changes of address processed at Driver's License Offices shall be transmitted to appropriate election officials for purposes of updating voter registration records unless an Applicant affirmatively opts out of changing their address for voter registration purposes.

Known or suspected NVRA compliance issues or violations at an Agency of any office where Covered Transactions* occur can be reported to the Secretary of State's office by emailing

*Covered Transactions: Transactions specified in the NVRA, 52 U.S.C 20506(a)(6)(A), including applications, renewals, and change of address requests for Driver's licenses and non-driver identification cards, 52 U.S.C 20504(a) & (d) and application, renewals, recertification, and change of address request for public assistance, 52 U.S.C. 20506(a)(6)(1), whether conducted in-person or remotely, and whether conducted at an Agency or another site pursuant to a contract or agreement with an Agency.