Newspaper Ownership and Circulation Statement

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South Dakota Codified Law: 17-2-2.5. Ownership and circulation statements--Involuntary suspension of publication--Existing legal newspapers. In order to maintain legal newspaper status, the newspaper shall publish and submit to the secretary of state before January first of each year a sworn statement of ownership and circulation on forms prescribed by the secretary of state. Continuous publication within the meaning of this section and sections 17-2-2.1 to 17-2-2.4, inclusive, is not deemed to be interrupted by any involuntary suspension of publication resulting from loss, destruction, failure, or unavailability of operating facilities, equipment, or personnel from any cause, and any newspaper so affected is not disqualified as a legal newspaper if publication is resumed within one week after it again becomes possible. This section and sections 17-2-2.1 to 17-2-2.4, inclusive, do not disqualify as a legal newspaper any publication which, prior to January 1, 1985, was a legal newspaper, so long as it continues to meet the requirements under which it previously qualified.

Statement of Legal Newspaper Ownership and Circulation Form