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Ballot Question Information

Welcome to the Ballot Question Information page. In this section users will find information, provided by the South Dakota Secretary of State's office.

2022 Information

  • Deadline for submitting initiated constitutional amendment petition - November 8, 2021
  • Deadline for submitting initiated measure petition - November 8, 2021
  • Deadline for submitting referendum petition - 90 days after adjournment of legislature at which the law was passed - June 28, 2021 by 5:00 PM (CT)
  • Each constitutional amendment, initiated measure, or referred law that is approved by a majority of all votes cast is effective on the first day of July after the completion of the official canvass by the State Canvassing Board.
  • If two or more initiated measures or amendments are approved but they conflict or are contrary to each other, the one receiving the highest number of YES votes will be effective.  (SDCL 2-14-16.2)
  • Click here to view the handout on How to Circulate a Statewide Ballot Question Petition in 2022.
  • For more detailed information on Potential 2022 Ballot Questions, click here.

REFERENDUM PETITIONS ARE DUE - (90 days after the adjournment of the legislative session) - June 28, 2021 by 5:00 PM (CT)
Referring a State Law


Click here to view the handout on How to Submit and Circulate a 2022 Statewide Ballot Question Petition

Changes effective July 1, 2021

  • Full text of the initiated measure shall be in fourteen-point font.
  • Electronic copy of the petition, as it is to be circulated, shall be filed with the secretary of state.
  • Amendment may only embrace one subject.

A separate affidavit will have to be submitted for each sponsor.
5:02:08:07.02 Affidavit to be submitted with initiative, referendum, or initiated constitutional amendment petition to be circulated.
5:02:08:07.01. Affidavit to be filed with completed Statewide initiative, referendum, or initiated constitutional amendment petition.

Information for ballot measure paid circulator - Paid Petition Circulator Application

Challenging ballot question petitions
Click here to find information on Challenging a Statewide Ballot Question

Campaign Finance
To file a Statement of Organization for a Ballot Question Committee
, via our online system, click here. You may also download a paper form from that same link.

Contact Information:
SD Legislative Research Council, 605-773-3251
Office of the SD Attorney General, 605-773-3215


WARNING: State law requires that each petition sheet be self-contained. This means that the petition heading, instructions to signers, signature lines and circulator's verification must all be printed on each sheet prior to circulation. The sheet must be printed on front and back. You CANNOT tape, staple or glue the front and back sides together. You CANNOT include sheets with signature lines only.  If you have any questions about how to correctly prepare a petition sheet, please call the elections department at 773-3537.

5:02:08:07. Form of Statewide initiative petition.
5:02:08:08. Form of Statewide referendum petition.
5:02:08:09. Form of Statewide initiated constitutional amendment petition or initiated petition for repeal of constitutional provision.