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Components of Complete Notarization

  1. Original signature of individual executing the document - The Notary Public must witness this signature.
  2. Date of the original signature - The document must have the date (day, month and year) the original signature was executed.
  3. Notarization of the document - The original signature of the Notary Public is placed on the document.
  4. Affix Notary Public Seal - The imprint of the seal must be approved by the Office of the Secretary of State before use. The seal imprint must be legible.
  5. Commission Expiration Date - The words “My Commission Expires” and the commission expiration date must be written, printed or stamped on the document. The words “My Commission Expires” may NOT be inside the border of the seal. The commission expiration date must include the Month, Day and Year. The commission expiration date must be the date on the Notary Public Commission Certificate issued by the Office of the Secretary of State. SDCL 18-1-4 requires the Notary Public Certificate be displayed for public inspection. Notary Publics, who are renewing their notary commission, are to use the current notary expiration date until that date of expiration. Afterwards, the notary may start using the new notary expiration date as reflected on the new Notary Public Commission Certificate.