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Number of Signers Required for Candidate Petitions in 2024

How to Circulate a 2024 Nominating Petition for Statewide, Legislative and County Candidates - updating

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Signature Requirements for Statewide Offices on Petitions Filed for the 2024 Election

: 2,171 signatures (1% of the vote for the 2022 republican gubernatorial candidate - 217,035)
Democrat: 1,232 signatures (1% of the vote for the 2022 democratic gubernatorial candidate - 123,148)
Libertarian: 741 signatures (1% of the vote for the 2022 libertarian U.S. House candidate - 74,020)
No Labels
(New Party): 250 signatures
Independent: 3,502 signatures (1% of the total vote for governor in 2022 - 350,166)
New Political Party: 250

*The Independent signature requirement would also apply to independent candidates for any constitutional office or public utilities commissioner.