South Dakota Codified Law 13-48

South Dakota Codified Law Chapter 13-48, Authorization to Provide Postsecondary Education addresses the authorization process to offer postsecondary education services in South Dakota. On Oct. 29, 2010, the USDOE (United States Department of Education) released new "program integrity" regulations focused on the need for institutions offering distance or correspondence education to acquire authorization from any state in which it "operates."  This is required to maintain eligibility for students of that state to receive federal financial aid.

Simply defined as:

  • No postsecondary institution may provide educational programs at physical locations in this state unless it has been issued a certificate of authorization from the Secretary of State (SDCL 13-48-35)
  • If any institution changes its name or the physical location of any campus, the institutions must notify the Secretary of State in writing within 30 day (SDCL 13-48-39).