Office Duties

Duties and Responsibilities of the Office

  • Custodian of Official Public Documents
    Any official document which must be retained is filed in this office. This includes gubernatorial appointments to boards, commissions, and agency offices.
  • Legislative Records Keeper
    All legislative documents are filed in this office following close of the session. This includes bills, journals, and Senate confirmations.
  • Lobbyist Registrar
    The Secretary of State registers anyone who will serve as a lobbyist during the legislative session.
  • Notary Public
  • Chief Elections Officer
    All statewide elections are directed from this office, with election results filed here. Candidates' campaign reports are also on file.
  • Chairman, State Board of Elections
    The Board of Elections is a seven-member bi-partisan board, including two county auditors. The Secretary of State serves as Chairman of this board.
  • Member, State Board of Canvassers
    Official canvasses of all statewide elections are a duty of this office, with the Secretary of State serving on the canvassing board.
  • Recorder of Permits for Concealed Weapons
    Permits to carry concealed weapons are issued by this office upon authorization of the local sheriff. Information on permits is available here. The law concerning concealed weapons is SDCL 23-7.
  • Secretary, State Board of Finance
  • Trade and Service Marks Registrar
  • Agent of Service of Process
    The secretary of state accepts service of process on non-resident motorists and corporations who have failed to maintain a registered agent.
  • Corporations Administrator
  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and Effective Financing Statements (EFS)
  • Limited Partnerships
    Domestic and foreign certificates of limited partnership are filed with this office.

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