Blue Book Legislative Manual

The Legislative Manual, commonly known as the Blue Book, is a comprehensive reference source on state government that is published every two years according to South Dakota Codified Law.  It contains information on elected state officials, judges, legislators, local and state government administration, a chronology of South Dakota history, and election statistics.

The term "Blue Book" dates back to the fifteenth century when the English Parliament began keeping its records in large volumes covered with blue velvet.  Since that time the name Blue Book has been used to describe many forms of government manuals.

The 2011 Legislative Manual can be ordered by calling (605) 773-4935 . Cost is $15.90 which includes tax and shipping. You can also use this form to place your order online.

2011 Blue Book

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2009 Blue Book

2007 Blue Book

2005 Blue Book

1903 - 2003 Blue Book

Click below to see Legislative Blue Books from 1903-2003, archived by the South Dakota State Library