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2018 Municipal Election Calendar

2018 School Election Calendar

2018 Combined City/School Election Calendar

Nominating petitions

Learn how to circulate a Municipal Nominating Petition
*Signature requirements can be found at SDCL 9-13-9

  • First and Second Class cities
    • At large candidates need a minimum of 15 signatures per each thousand or major fraction of the population.  No more than 50 signatures required.
    • Alderman (Wards) candidates need a minimum of 5% of the registered voters of the ward.  This percentage is based upon the total number of registered voters voting in the ward at the last preceding general election.  The County Auditor will have to provide you with the total number for you to base the calculation off of.  No more than 50 signatures required.
    • Voters may sign as many petitions as there are positions. 
  • Third class cities
    • At large candidates need a minimum of 10 signatures.
    • Alderman (Wards) candidates need a minimum 5 signatures.
    • Voters may sign as many petitions as they choose.

Municipal Nominating petition in Legal Size
Municipal Nominating petition in Letter Size

Learn how to circulate a School Board Nominating Petition
*A minimum of 20 signatures is required (SDCL 13-7-6)

School Board Nominating petition in Legal Size
School Board Nominating petition in Letter Size

Candidate Nominating Petition Validation Checklist

  • Cities- please note that you are not required to check voter registration on nominating petitions. 
  • Schools- please note that you are required to check voter registration on nominating petitions.  ARSD: 05:02:08:00

Election Resources

Absentee Voting Process for Cities

Absentee Voting Process for Schools

2017 Municipal / School Election Workshops

Click here for registration.

October 25, 2017 - In-person training at the Ramkota, Pierre, 10:00 am to 3:00 pm (Central time); Registration begins at 9:30; Working lunch

We will host two webinars on each date below (100 maximum attendees for each time).  The webinar times are 9:30 am and 2:30 pm (Central time).  Prior to each webinar we will send the login information to the SDML to forward to those that have pre-registered.  Contact the SDML to register: 605-224-8654 (Lori Martinec) or .

Webinar 1 (Tuesday, December 5th): est. 45+ minutes

  • Election Types and Date (don’t forget to set your date)
  • Combining elections vs. holding elections on the same day
  • Election Calendar (appoint your election boards sooner rather than later)
  • Precinct and Election Boards
  • Public Notices (adding the optical scan notice)
  • We will walk through our website and the Legislative Research Council’s site

Webinar 2 (Thursday, January 4th): est. 70+ minutes

  • Candidate Eligibility Requirements
  • Petitions - Forms, Deadlines, Signature Requirements (change for cities) and Counting Signatures (walk through the petition checklist).  New petition challenge law.
  • What if no one files?
  • Financial Interest Statements (have to be filed every year now for applicable cities and schools)
  • Vacancies - What Creates a Vacancy and How to Fill It
  • Campaign Finance (for applicable cities and schools) - Who is Required to File, Restrictions, Disclaimers and Forms

Webinar 3 (Tuesday, March 6th): est. 35+ minutes

  • Ballot Preparation
  • Who Can Vote - Voter Registration and Residency
  • Absentee Voting - Application, Voting In-Person or by Mail, UOCAVA Voters (walk through our handout)

Webinar 4 (Wednesday, March 7th): est. 1.5+ hours

  • Election Worker Training - you can use this to train your election workers
    • Walk through the Precinct Manual as a guide on “What to do on Election Day.”

Webinar 5 (Tuesday, March 13th): est. 25+ minutes

  • What to ask your county auditor for (VR list, schools make sure to ask for all the counties your district covers)
  • What should you, as the person in charge of the election, do on Election Day?
  • Counting, Canvassing and Recounting - Provisional Ballots, Duties of Canvassers and Recount Process

2016 Agenda
2016 Presentation

2016 Presentation Broken Out Into Sections

- Election Types and Dates
- Voter Registration and Residency
- Candidate Eligibility Requirements
- Vacancies
- Ballot Preparation

Election Worker Training:
        - Election Worker Training & Poll Worker Information
        - Election Day Procedures, AutoMark & Voter Registration List
        - Provisional & Spoiled Ballots
        - Absentee Ballot Processing & Closing the Polls
        - Counting the Ballots

- Absentee Voting
- Precincts and Election Boards - Degree of Kinship
- Ballot Counting, Canvassing and Recounting
- Recalls and Special Elections
- Financial Interest Statements and Campaign Finance
- Automated Tabulating Systems


Miscellaneous Forms and Information

School Opt Out Election Timeline

Opt Out Information for School Districts

Forms of Notices

How to Circulate Municipal and County Initiatives and Referendums

Municipal Recall Election Guidelines

Municipal & School Recount Manual 

Register to vote

Where do I vote?

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