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2016 Primary Election Results

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1889-1970 Election Return Summary

Ballot Question Titles and Election Returns 1890-2014


Number of Ballot Questions by Year

General Election Registration Numbers by Party 1970-2010

Voter Registration/Turnout Statistics 1988-2010

Voter Registration/Turnout Statistics Pre-1988

Ballot order for parties in past General Elections

2012 South Dakota Official Election Returns and Registration Figures

2014 Election Information

2014 South Dakota Official Election Returns and Registration Figures

2014 Shannon County Name Change Election Results

2014 Candidate List

2014 Supreme Court Justice Retention Letters

2014 Election Calendar

2014 Candidate Calendar

2014 Absentee Ballot Statistics - General Election

As of 11/04/14 at 7:45 a.m. CT:

Absentee Ballots Requested 58,019
Absentee Ballots Sent 58,019
Absentee Ballots Received 55,292

Absentee Ballot Statistics - Primary Election

As of 06/03/2014

Absentee Ballots Requested 14,515
Absentee Ballots Sent 14,515
Absentee Ballots Received 13,635

2014 Political Party State Conventions

2014 Independent Candidate for Governor

2014 Ballot Questions

2014 Ballot Questions Pro/Con Pamphlet

The 2014 Ballot Questions include:

Constitutional Amendment Q - Authorization of Roulette, Keno, and Craps in the City of Deadwood

Initiated Measure 17 - Patient Choice

Initiated Measure 18 - Minimum Wage

Initiated Measures that did not meet the filing deadline:

Finance Charge on Certain Loans

Offices to be filled in the 2014 Elections

The following nominations are made in the party primary elections, if needed, held on June 3, 2014:

  • U.S. Senate - 6 year term
  • U.S. Representative - 2 year term
  • Governor - 4 Year Term
  • 105 Legislators (35 Senate,70 House) - 2 year term
  • County Commissioners - 4 year term
  • County Auditor - 4 year term
  • County Sheriff - 4 year term
  • Register of Deeds - 4 year term
  • Delegates to Republican Party State Convention
  • Delegates to the Democratic Party State Convention

The following Supreme Court Justices will be up for retention:

  • Chief Justice David Gilberton- 8 year term
  • Justice John Konenkamp- 8 year term
  • Justice Steven L. Zinter- 8 year term
  • Justice Lori Wilbur- 8 year term

The following will be nominated at the 2014 state Republican, Democratic, Constitution, and Libertarian conventions of each political party:

  • Lt. Governor- 4 year term
  • Secretary of State- 4 year term
  • Attorney General- 4 year term
  • State Auditor- 4 year term
  • State Treasurer- 4 year term
  • Commissioner of School and Public Lands- 4 year term
  • Public Utilities Commissioner- 6 year term

The following Circuit Court Judge positions will be will be up for nomination for an 8 year term.

Circuit Position Judge
First A Timothy W. Bjorkman
  B Steven Ray Jensen
  C Bruce V. Anderson
  D Cheryle Gering
  E Patrick Smith
  F Glen W. Eng
Second A Robin J. Houwman
  B Mark Salter
  C Bradley Zell
  D Patricia Riepel
  E Peter H. Lieberman
  F Joseph Neiles
  G Stuart L. Tiede
  H Susan Sabers
  I Douglas E. Hoffman
  J Larry Long
Third A Robert L. Timm
  B Vincent A. Foley
  C Jon Erickson
  D Gregory Stoltenburg
  E Ron Roehr
  F Tim D. Tucker
Fourth A Jerome A. Eckrich
  B Michael W. Day
  C Warren G. Johnson
  D Randall Macy
Fifth A Jon S. Flemmer
  B Tony L. Portra
  C Scott P. Myren
  D Richard Somers (1/9/2014)
Sixth A Mark W. Barnett
  B Patricia DeVaney
  C John L. Brown
  D Kathleen F. Trandahl
Seventh A Robert Mandel
  B Wally A. Eklund
  C Thomas L. Trimble
  D Jeff Davis
  E Janine M. Kern
  F Craig Pfeifle
  G Robert Gusinsky

In those areas of the state which have the following types of districts, nominations are made in keeping with the laws governing petitions for nonpolitical candidates:

  • Water Development District Directors- 4 year term (nominating petition shall be filed by the last Tuesday of March prior to primary election with Secretary of State)
  • Heartland Consumers Power District Directors- 6 year term (nominating petition shall be filed by the last Tuesday of March prior to primary election with Secretary of State)
  • Conservation District Supervisor- 4 year term (petition shall be filed by July 1 prior to general election with county auditor or Secretary of State if more than one county)