Recognized Political Parties

A new political party may organize by filing a written declaration signed by at least 6,936 registered voters, also containing the name of the proposed party and brief statement of principles.

5:02:08:06. Form of declaration for new political party.


- A new political party that will participate in the primary election must file the formation petitions by the last Tuesday in March at 5 p.m. priro to the date of the primary election.

- A new political party that will not have a candidate for United States Senate, United States House of Representatives, Governor or State Legislature must file the formation petitions by July 1st at 5 p.m. prior to the date of the general election. (HB 1037 Effective July 1, 2017)

The formation petitions must be submitted to the South Dakota Secretary of State's Office, Pierre, SD by the appropriate deadline.

The definition of "Political Party" will change when HB 1034 becomes effective July 1, 2017. This change will allow a new political party to maintain their recognized party status whose candidate for any statewide office (not just a Governor candidate) receives at least 2 1/2% of the total votes cast for that statewide office at the last preceding general election.

Upon filing the new party shall have all the rights of a political party whose ticket was on the ballot at the preceding general election.

Political Parties are required to adopt a constitution or bylaws governing its organization and conduct. The party central committee shall certify to and file with the Secretary of State a copy of the document and amendments within 30 days of their approval.

The Secretary of State shall promptly notify the county auditor of each county of the effect of any provision of a party Constitution or bylaw which affects an election to be conducted.

The number of signatures required on a nominating petition in each primary election following the qualification of a political party and prior to the next gubernatorial election, pursuant to 12-6-4, is:

State and Federal candidate: at least 250 registered members of that party

Legislative and County candidate: at least 5 registered members of that party

For more information on political parties and the primary process in South Dakota please refer to Chapters 12-5 and 12-6 of South Dakota Codified Law.

Contact Information

Constitution Party of South Dakota
120 S Lyndale Ave.
Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Phone: 605-251-5045
Party By-Laws

SD Democratic Party
PO Box 1485
Sioux Falls, SD 57101
Phone 605-271-5405
Fax 605-271-5405
Party Constitution

South Dakota Libertarian Party
314 S Wilson St
Aberdeen, SD 57401
Phone 605-290-6651
Party By-Laws

SD Republican Party
PO Box 1099
Pierre SD 57501
Phone 605-224-7347
Fax 605-224-7349
Party By-Laws