Lost or Stolen Seal

If a Notary�s Public Seal is lost or stolen, report the loss or theft immediately to the Office of the Secretary of State so that a notation can be made on the Notary�s Public records.

There are two options available to a Notary whose seal has been lost or stolen:

  1. The notary may continue to use their Notary Commission and have a new seal made. The seal can be identical to the original or it may be a different type. The new seal impression would have to be recorded with the Office of the Secretary of State. To record your new seal, please complete a Notary Change Form.
  2. The Notary may request that the Secretary of State cancel their present Notary Commission and ask that a new commission with a different expiration date be issued. The Notary would have to follow the Notary Public application procedure. You can find a copy of the application here.

In addition to whatever option is taken, the Notary may also wish to change the name on their Notary Commission and Seal. (Example: Elizabeth B. Jackson could be changed to Elizabeth Jackson or E.B. Jackson or Liz B. Jackson). The new impression of the Notary�s Seal would have to correspond exactly to the way the name is signed and recorded with the Office of the Secretary of State.