Election Laws and Administrative Rules

Election Related Law and Rule Hyperlinks
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State Laws
Title 12                                  Elections

SDCL 2-1                             Initiative and Referendum

SDCL 7-18A                        Ordinances and Resolutions (County)

SDCL 9-13                           Municipal Elections

SDCL 9-20                           Initiative and Referendum (Municipal)

SDCL 13-7                           School District Elections

State Administrative Rules
ARSD 5:02                           Election Rules

ARSD 5:04:06                     Statewide Voter File Rules

Other State Laws Governing Elections
SDCL 6-8B                            Bond Elections

SDCL 6-16                            Special District Formation Elections

SDCL Title 7                          Counties

SDCL Title 8                          Townships

SDCL Title 9                          Municipal Government

SDCL 10-12-43                    School District Tax Opt Out

SDCL 10-13-36                    Other Tax Opt Out

SDCL Title 13                       School Districts

SDCL Title 16                       Courts and Judiciary

SDCL 31-12A                       County Road Districts

SDCL 34-11A                       Ambulance

SDCL 34-31A                       Rural Fire Protection Districts

SDCL 34A-5                         Sanitary Districts

SDCL 46A-4                         Irrigation

SDCL 46A-9                         Water User

SDCL 46A-14                       Watershed

SDCL 46A-18                       Water Project


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