Offices to be filled in the 2008 Elections


The following nominations are made in the closed party primary elections held on June 3, 2008:


        U.S. Representative � 2 year term

        U.S. Senator � 6 year term

        105 Legislators (35 Senate, 70 House) �2 year term

        County Commissioners � 4 year term

        States Attorney � 4 year term

        County Coroner � 4 year term

        County Treasurer � 4 year term

        Delegates to Republican Party State Convention - County chairman, vice chairman, state committee members, each precinct committeeman and committeewoman, and three at-large delegates from each county.

        Delegates to the Democratic Party State Convention � Four delegates from each county (including the county party chair, who is an automatic delegate) with one additional delegate from Brown County and Lincoln County, seven delegates from Pennington County and 16 delegates from Minnehaha County.  Up to three alternates are elected by the County Central Committee in each organized county.


In those areas of the state which have the following types of districts, nominations are made in a nonpartisan primary election:


        Water Development District Directors -- 4 year term

        Heartland Consumers Power District Directors -- 6 year term


The following will be nominated at the 2008 state conventions of each political party:


        Public Utilities Commissioner - 6 year term

        3 Presidential Electors

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