Offices to be filled in the 2014 Elections

The following nominations are made in the party primary elections, if needed, held on June 3, 2014:

  • U.S. Senate - 6 year term
  • U.S. Representative - 2 year term
  • Governor - 4 Year Term
  • 105 Legislators (35 Senate, 70 House) - 2 year term
  • County Commissioners - 4 year term
  • County Auditor - 4 year term
  • County Sheriff - 4 year term
  • Register of Deeds- 4 year term
  • Delegates to Republican Party State Convention
  • Delegates to the Democratic Party State Convention

The following Supreme Court Justices will be up for retention:

  • Chief Justice David Gilberton - 8 year term
  • Justice John Konenkamp - 8 year term
  • Justice Steven L. Zinter - 8 year term
  • Justice Lori Wilbur - 8 year term

The following will be nominated at the 2014 state Republican, Democratic, Constitution, and Libertarian conventions of each political party:

  • Lt. Governor - 4 year term
  • Secretary of State - 4 year term
  • Attorney General - 4 year term
  • State Auditor - 4 year term
  • State Treasurer - 4 year term
  • Commisioner of School and Public Lands - 4 year term
  • Public Utilities Commissioner - 6 year term

The following Circuit Court Judge positions will be will be up for nomination for an 8 year term.

Circuit Position Judge
First A Timothy W. Bjorkman
  B Steven Ray Jensen
  C Bruce V. Anderson
  D Cheryle Gering
  E Patrick Smith
  F Glen W. Eng
Second A Robin J. Houwman
  B Mark Salter
  C Bradley Zell
  D Patricia Riepel
  E Peter H. Lieberman
  F Joseph Neiles
  G Stuart L. Tiede
  H Susan Sabers
  I Douglas E. Hoffman
  J Larry Long
Third A Robert L. Timm
  B Vincent A. Foley
  C Jon Erickson
  D Gregory Stoltenburg
  E Ron Roehr
  F Tim D. Tucker
Fourth A Jerome A. Eckrich
  B Michael W. Day
  C Warren G. Johnson
  D Randall Macy
Fifth A Jon S. Flemmer
  B Tony L. Portra
  C Scott P. Myren
  D Richard Somers (1/9/2014)
Sixth A Mark W. Barnett
  B Patricia DeVaney
  C John L. Brown
  D Kathleen F. Trandahl
Seventh A Robert Mandel
  B Wally A. Eklund
  C Thomas L. Trimble
  D Jeff Davis
  E Janine M. Kern
  F Craig Pfeifle
  G Robert Gusinsky

In those areas of the state which have the following types of districts, nominations are made in keeping with the laws governing petitions for nonpolitical candidates:

  • Water Development District Directors - 4 year term (nominating petition shall be filed by the last Tuesday of March prior to primary election with Secretary of State)
  • Heartland Consumers Power District Directors - 6 year term (nominating petition shall be filed by the last Tuesday of March prior to primary election with Secretary of State)
  • Conservation District Supervisor - 4 year term (petition shall be filed by July 1 prior to general election with county auditor or Secretary of State if more than one county)