Lobbyist FAQs

What does the page do for me as a lobbyist?

This page lets you
  • Manage your employers.
  • Pay registrations fees.
  • Record your expenses as you go
  • Submit your expense report when finished with your lobbying efforts
  • Order a lost badge replacement

What does the page do for me as an Employer?

This page lets you
  • Print the Authorization form for your lobbyist(s)
  • Record your expenses as you go
  • Submit your expense report when finished with your lobbying efforts

Do I need to register my name more than once?

No. You only have to register once and then may add all your employers from this page.

How do I add employers?

Click the "Add Employer" tab. There you have two options.

  1. You can select your employer from drop down list of possible employers.

    Because there are so many employers, the list doesn't display all of the employers at once. What you do is start typing in the name of your employer.

    For example, if it is the "Telephone Cooperatives Association" you would start typing in Telep...

    As you do that the list will update to show you the closet matches. You can then click the one you want.

  2. Enter an employer that is not on the list

    If you do not find your employer on the list you can enter their name and address in the bottom portion of the form.

    When you click the Submit button an email will be sent to the agent you listed as the contact.

    Your employer will have to print out, sign and return the authorization form.

What if I incorrectly entered my employer's contact email or other information?

Your employer does have the ability to update their address and contact information.

However, as a lobbyist you have two options:

  1. You can resend the email
    If you entered an incorrect email, then
    • Click the "Resend Employer Email" tab
    • Select the correct employer
    • Enter the corrected email
    • Click the Resend button.
    This will save the corrected email address and send them a new email along with their username and password so they can login and print the authorization form.
  2. Delete the employer record
    • Click the "Current Employer" tab
    • Click the Delete link on the right of the grid

What methods of payment are accepted for online registration?

You can submit payment via check (electronically online), credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover) or PAD account.

How do I know the agency approved the registration?

When you login you will see a list of any employers who have NOT yet returned the authorization form.

Also, the current employer tab will display when the authorization forms arrived.

Do I need to wait till my employer approves the registration?

Under state law, an employer has 10 days to provide written authorization. If it is not provided, lobbying privileges are suspended for that employer.

Where do I enter the expenses?

At the bottom of both the Lobbyist's and Employer's forms is the expense section.

You can add expenses as well as view and edit the ones you have already entered.

Can I change my lobbyist information? Name address phone etc.

You can change any of your personal information that is listed on the form including your username and password.

MAKE SURE YOU CLICK the "Save updates to your information" button.

Can I register to lobby for both a Private Company and a State Agency?

Yes you may. However, you must create a different registration for both.

In order to do so, register as a Private Lobbyist, and enter in all employers and their information.

Then return to the EZLobby home page, and create a new registration for the State Agency.

You will have to create a new account with a different User Name and Password.

How do I request a replacement for a lost badge?

To replace a lost badge, select the "Reprint Lost Badge" Tab at the top of the screen.

It will ask you confirm the replacement request and the $5.00 processing fee.

After the replacement is requested, you may stop in our office during normal business hours to pick up your badge.

Are we still able to file by paper?

Yes, registration forms are on our website. If you choose to register by paper, you may print them off and submit them to:
Secretary of State
Lobbyist Registration
500 East Capitol Ave; Ste 204
Pierre, SD 57501

Don't forget to
  • Include your registration fee
  • Submit a paper Employer Authorization Form within 10 days of registration also.

Who do I contact with questions?

You may contact the Secretary of State's office at 605-773-3537, email at or stop in the office during normal business hours.