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Contributions Donated by SD ETHANOL PRODUCERS PAC
ANN TORNBERG FOR DISTRICT 16 HOUSE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives42710
ANNE C. HAJEK FOR HOUSE DISTRICT 1405/22/2012$150.00SD House of Representatives75610
ANNE C. HAJEK FOR HOUSE DISTRICT 1409/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives75610
BACKERS OF BOLIN COMMITTEE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives78810
BARTLING FOR SD HOUSE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives51010
BERNIE HUNHOFF CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE09/27/2012$250.00SD House of Representatives86210
BILL ANTONIDES FOR HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives48110
BILL LAIRD09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives46610
BILLIE SUTTON FOR STATE SENATE09/27/2012$250.00SD Senate57311
BOB DEELSTRA FOR DISTRICT 9 HOUSE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives76010
BRADFORD FOR SENATE09/27/2012$250.00SD Senate58311
BRIAN GOSCH FOR STATE HOUSE05/22/2012$150.00SD House of Representatives78610
BRIAN GOSCH FOR STATE HOUSE09/27/2012$250.00SD House of Representatives78610
BROWN FOR SENATE09/27/2012$250.00SD Senate57611
BUCKINGHAM FOR SENATE05/22/2012$250.00SD Senate45011
BURG FOR SENATE09/27/2012$250.00SD Senate45911
BURT TULSON FOR HOUSE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives60410
CHICOINE FOR SENATE09/27/2012$250.00SD Senate84711
CHRIS NELSON FOR PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION09/27/2012$250.00Public Utilities Commission3576
CHRISTINE ERICKSON FOR HOUSE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives42210
CONZET FOR LEGISLATURE05/22/2012$150.00SD House of Representatives210
CONZET FOR LEGISLATURE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives210
DALE HARGENS FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives51110
DAN AHLERS FOR STATE SENATE09/27/2012$250.00SD Senate57911
DAUGAARD FOR GOVERNOR08/26/2011$1,000.00Other Committees15198
DAUGAARD FOR SOUTH DAKOTA09/27/2012$1,000.00Governor2363
DAVE MUNSON FOR DISTRICT 10 HOUSE05/22/2012$150.00SD House of Representatives52710
DAVID LUST FOR HOUSE09/27/2012$250.00SD House of Representatives81110
DAVID MCGIRR FOR HOUSE05/22/2012$150.00Other Committees149298
DAVID NOVSTRUP FOR HOUSE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives11410
DEAN WINK FOR HOUSE05/22/2012$150.00SD House of Representatives78910
DEAN WINK FOR HOUSE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives78910
DEB PETERS FOR SENATE05/22/2012$250.00SD Senate74511
DENNERT FOR SENATE09/27/2012$250.00SD Senate53311
DENNIS FEICKERT FOR DISTRICT109/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives710
DICK WERNER09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives24110
DON HAGGAR FOR HOUSE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives76110
DRYDEN FOR HOUSE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives15310
FEINSTEIN FOR LEGISLATURE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives79810
FENNER FOR HOUSE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives45410
FRED DEUTSCH FOR HOUSE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives41310
FRERICHS FOR SENATE09/27/2012$250.00SD Senate52911
FRIENDS FOR FARGEN05/22/2012$500.00SD House of Representatives47210
FRIENDS OF CHUCK WELKE09/27/2012$250.00SD Senate51311
FRIENDS OF DAN LEDERMAN09/27/2012$250.00SD Senate12511
FRIENDS OF ISAAC LATTERELL09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives77410
FRIENDS OF KENT JUHNKE10/04/2012$250.00SD Senate48311
FRIENDS OF RIED HOLIEN09/27/2012$250.00SD Senate74111
FRYSLIE CAMPAIGN05/22/2012$250.00SD Senate78111
FRYSLIE CAMPAIGN09/27/2012$250.00SD Senate78111
GOP HOUSE FUTURE PAC01/31/2013$2,500.00Political Action Committee34814
GREENFIELD CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives87510
HAGGAR FOR HOUSE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives52510
HAL WICK FOR STATE HOUSE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives64810
HAWLEY FOR HOUSE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives86410
HOFFMAN FOR HOUSE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives69610
JACKLEY FOR ATTORNEY GENERAL09/27/2012$1,000.00Attorney General 694
JEAN HUNHOFF FOR SENATE09/27/2012$250.00SD Senate56611
JIM WHITE FOR SENATE09/27/2012$250.00SD Senate4911
JOHNS FOR HOUSE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives79410
JOHNSTON FOR SENATE08/26/2011$500.00Other Committees15298
JON HANSEN FOR HOUSE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives70110
JUSTIN CRONIN FOR HOUSE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives69510
KLOUCEK FOR SENATE COMMITTEE05/22/2012$250.00SD Senate46311
KLOUCEK FOR SENATE COMMITTEE09/27/2012$250.00SD Senate46311
KRISTIE FIEGEN FOR SOUTH DAKOTA09/27/2012$250.00Public Utilities Commission3586
KYLE SCHOENFISH FOR HOUSE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives14610
LANCE CARSON - STATE REPRESENTATIVE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives68210
LARRY TIDEMANN FOR STATE SENATE09/27/2012$500.00SD Senate21811
LEADING SOUTH DAKOTA PAC08/26/2011$1,000.00Other Committees15498
MAGSTADT FOR STATE HOUSE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives61410
MARK JOHNSTON FOR DISTRICT 12 SENATE05/22/2012$250.00SD Senate75811
MARK JOHNSTON FOR DISTRICT 12 SENATE09/27/2012$250.00SD Senate75811
MARK WILLADSEN FOR SD HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES DIST. 1105/22/2012$150.00SD House of Representatives74910
MARY DUVALL FOR HOUSE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives44210
MCGOVERN FOR PUBLIC UTILITIES COMMISSION09/27/2012$250.00Public Utilities Commission4526
MICKELSON FOR DISTRICT 13 HOUSE05/22/2012$150.00SD House of Representatives76410
MUNSTERMAN FOR HOUSE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives50410
NICK NEMEC FOR PUC09/27/2012$250.00Public Utilities Commission8566
NOVSTRUP FOR HOUSE09/27/2012$250.00SD Senate4011
OLSON FOR SD STATE SENATE09/27/2012$500.00SD Senate16111
OLSON FOR SENATE08/26/2011$500.00Other Committees15398
PARSLEY FOR HOUSE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives41910
PATTY FOR HOUSE COMMITTEE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives79110
PEGGY GIBSON FOR SD HOUSE 09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives77010
PETERSON FOR HOUSE09/27/2012$250.00SD House of Representatives45110
PHYLLIS HEINEMAN FOR STATE SENATE09/27/2012$250.00SD Senate55511
PUTNAM FOR HOUSE05/22/2012$150.00SD House of Representatives78710
RAMPELBERG FOR SENATE05/22/2012$250.00SD Senate87311
RAVE FOR SENATE09/27/2012$250.00SD Senate58011
ROGER SOLUM FOR HOUSE COMMITTEE09/27/2012$250.00SD House of Representatives61510
ROY J. LINDSAY FOR HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives42010
SENATE REPUBLICAN CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE01/31/2013$2,500.00Political Action Committee15714
SHANE LIEBIG - STATE REPRESENTATIVE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives73810
SHANTEL KREBS FOR SENATE09/27/2012$500.00SD Senate54911
SOHOLT FOR DISTRICT 14 SENATE09/27/2012$250.00SD Senate50111
STACE NELSON FOR HOUSE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives77110
STEVE HICKEY FOR STATE HOUSE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives63310
STOTZ FOR HOUSE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives52810
STREET FOR SENATE09/27/2012$250.00SD Senate43111
STUDER FOR SENATE09/27/2012$250.00SD Senate44411
SUSAN WISMER FOR HOUSE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives60010
THE MAJORITY PROJECT06/05/2013$1,000.00Political Action Committee31814
THE PERRY COMMITTEE05/22/2012$250.00SD Senate311
TIM BEGALKA FOR STATE SENATE05/22/2012$250.00SD Senate78311
TIM ROUNDS FOR HOUSE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives75910
TOM JONES FOR SENATE09/27/2012$250.00Other Committees149398
TOM NELSON CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE05/22/2012$250.00SD Senate49511
TONA ROZUM FOR SD HOUSE DISTRICT 2009/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives4510
VAL RAUSCH FOR STATE SENATE05/22/2012$250.00SD Senate59611
VEHLE FOR SENATE05/22/2012$250.00SD Senate4711
VEHLE FOR SENATE09/27/2012$250.00SD Senate4711
ZIKMUND FOR HOUSE09/27/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives79510

Contributions Received by SD ETHANOL PRODUCERS PAC
GOMER, BLAINE05/02/2011$250.00Individual6201
HAZEL, RUSS02/02/2012$200.00Individual47671
VOEGELI, LESTER02/07/2012$300.00Individual47681

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