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Dakota Fast File provides a convenient solution for filing UCC filings using the Internet and provides a complete management system for your UCC filings.

  1. Filing: UCC 1, continuations, amendments, terminations, or assignments are filed in a matter of seconds. The form is filled out, the correct amount of money is removed from your account, and the form is filed. It's that simple.
  2. Searching: While the borrower sits on the other side of your desk, you are able to review their UCC filings filed with the Secretary of State. A loan can be processed immediately.  A UCC can be filed within seconds and you can perform a search on the new filing to immediately confirm that it has been filed.

If you should require a certified search simply click on the underlined CERTIFIED SEARCH and print out the signed record for your files.

TICKLER SYSTEM: Allows designated personnel to access all of your filings. Continuations may be performed from this screen fast and efficiently. The tickler system informs you as to the exact number of days until the filing expires. You should never have a filing lapse when using the Dakota Fast File Tickler System.


All you have to do is:

  1. Have Internet Access
  2. Have adequate computer equipment to access the Internet
  3. Establish a prepaid account with the Secretary of State
  4. Register with the Secretary of State.(Subscription Form)
  5. Authorize Users. (User Authorization Form)
  6. Pay a yearly registration fee. (Fee Schedule)

The Secretary of State will: Furnish you with the proper security information.