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Contributions Donated by SDMHA PAC
BERNIE HUNHOFF CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE10/11/2012$150.00SD House of Representatives86210
BRIAN GOSCH FOR STATE HOUSE10/11/2012$150.00SD House of Representatives78610
DAN AHLERS FOR STATE SENATE10/11/2012$100.00SD Senate57911
DAVID LUST FOR HOUSE10/11/2012$150.00SD House of Representatives81110
DAVID NOVSTRUP FOR HOUSE10/11/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives11410
DEB PETERS FOR SENATE10/11/2012$100.00SD Senate74511
FRERICHS FOR SENATE10/11/2012$100.00SD Senate52911
FRIENDS OF RIED HOLIEN10/11/2012$100.00SD Senate74111
GREENFIELD CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE10/11/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives87510
JACKLEY FOR ATTORNEY GENERAL10/11/2012$500.00Attorney General 694
LARRY TIDEMANN FOR STATE SENATE10/11/2012$100.00SD Senate21811
MARK JOHNSTON FOR DISTRICT 12 SENATE10/11/2012$100.00SD Senate75811
MICKELSON FOR DISTRICT 13 HOUSE10/11/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives76410
MUNSTERMAN FOR HOUSE10/11/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives50410
NOVSTRUP FOR HOUSE10/11/2012$100.00SD Senate4011
OLSON FOR SD STATE SENATE10/11/2012$300.00SD Senate16111
PARSLEY FOR HOUSE10/11/2012$100.00SD House of Representatives41910
RAVE FOR SENATE10/11/2012$150.00SD Senate58011
ROGER SOLUM FOR HOUSE COMMITTEE10/11/2012$150.00SD House of Representatives61510
SD DEMOCRATIC PARTY01/28/2011$125.00Other Committees14998
SD REPUBLICAN PARTY02/04/2011$125.00Other Committees15098
SHANTEL KREBS FOR SENATE10/11/2012$150.00SD Senate54911
SOUTH DAKOTA DEMOCRATIC PARTY01/27/2012$125.00Political Party36455
SOUTH DAKOTA REPUBLICAN PARTY01/27/2012$125.00Political Party13055
STREET FOR SENATE10/11/2012$100.00SD Senate43111

Contributions Received by SDMHA PAC
VOGELER, JERRY10/11/2012$1,500.00Individual87301
VOGELER, JERRY12/23/2011$1,500.00Individual6191

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