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1998 Amendment H

1998 Ballot Question Pamphlet
Compiled by the Office of Secretary of State Joyce Hazeltine

SDCL 12-13-23 requires the Office of the Secretary of State to prepare and distribute public information concerning constitutional amendments, initiatives and referred measures. This pamphlet is prepared by soliciting statements from the proponents and opponents of amendments and measures.

The title, explanation and effect of a vote for each ballot question were provided by the Attorney General. No other statements on this pamphlet reflect the opinion of the State or the Attorney General.

The information was compiled by the Secretary of State as supplied by the writers, was not verified by the Secretary of State and does not reflect the position of the State regarding the legality or effect of the amendments or measures. The Secretary of State does not guarantee the accuracy of any claims made by the proponent or opponent writers in this brochure.

Constitutional Amendment H

Title: Amendments to Article III, Section 3 of the South Dakota Constitution, relating to age qualifications for legislative office, and to Article IV, Section 2 of the South Dakota Constitution, relating to the age qualifications for Governor and lieutenant governor.

Attorney General Explanation

The Constitution requires that state senators and representatives be 25 years of age or older, and that the Governor and lieutenant governor be 18 years of age or older. Amendment H would lower the age qualification for state senators and representatives from 25 to 21, and would raise the age qualification for the Governor and lieutenant governor from 18 to 21.

A vote "Yes" will establish the minimum age requirements for state legislators, the Governor, and the lieutenant governor, at 21 years old.

A vote "No" will leave the Constitution as it is.

Pro -Constitutional Amendment H

Every state in our country has a minimum age to seek elected office. South Dakota is no different. Our constitution presently requires a person to be of voting age (18 years old) to run for governor and (25 years old) to run for the legislature.

Amendment H will change the South Dakota Constitution, so the age to seek the governors office, and to run for the state legislature, will be the same, 21 years of age.

The 1998 South Dakota legislature recently passed this ballot measure with overwhelming support for changing the age to 21. Many legislators felt 18 years of age was too young to seek office, as most people have just completed high school. Other legislators felt 25 years old was denying our younger citizens the right to seek legislative office. The consensus was, 21 years of age was considered a reasonable age for those wishing to seek office, as this age also coincides with our laws allowing the consumption of alcohol.

Amendment H will correct a long standing inequity concerning the citizens of our state. That inequity is equal rights. The strongest message our government can send is, We Are All Created Equal. Our constitution and our daily lives are deeply rooted in equal rights. South Dakota’s constitution requiring two different age requirements to seek office for two separate, but equal branches of government, is in conflict with the very spirit of our constitution.

It’s the duty of our legislative government to make these elected offices available to all on an equal basis. We must take issue with any law, ordinance or rule that separates people by age, color, race, or creed. No one knows the perfect age to be qualified to seek elective office, but our present constitution absolutely separates people by age when seeking public office. That’s why a vote YES on Amendment H is so important, it will restore equality to our constitution.

Submitted by: Rep. Bill Napoli, 6180 S Highway 79, Rapid City, SD 57701. Rep. Napoli repre- sents legislative district 35.

Con - Constitutional Amendment H

Constitutional Amendment H proposes to lower the minimum age for legislators from twenty-five to twenty-one and to establish the same age restriction for Governor and Lieutenant Governor.

HJR1002 as originally introduced in the 1998 legislative session would have left the minimum age for legislators at twenty-five and established a minimum age of twenty-five to hold the office of Governor and Lieutenant Governor. I could have supported that proposal.

My opposition to Amendment H has more to do with the minimum age for Governor at twenty- one. But my arguments will also apply to the minimum age for legislators.

There is no question in my mind that we need to address the age issue for Governor. In all due respect to my colleagues in the Legislature, I don’t believe Amendment H does that in a responsible manner.

Most young people, although book smart and educated by the time they turn twenty-one, still require a period of years to mature mentally, emotionally, morally and socially. The argument that an eighteen year old may vote and may join the military or that a twenty-one year old may buy alcoholic beverages is not a valid argument. These arguments make for interesting comparisons, but it appears that we are comparing apples to oranges. When joining the military we serve in a regimented environment where leaders prepare a plan of the day and control our every move. When elected Governor you become the leader and the demands of that office requires experience and wisdom beyond twenty-one years.

At twenty-one we are normally completing our formal education and going into the workplace where we will learn by experience and by facing adversities that make us grow in wisdom. The office of Governor and representing the citizens of South Dakota in the Legislature is not the proper setting to gain that experience and wisdom.

It is for the above reasons that I urge a NO vote on Constitutional Amendment H.

Submitted by: Rep. Mike Broderick, 902 E. Lynn Ave., Canton, SD 57013. Rep. Broderick represents legislative district 16.