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2001 Special Election Calendar

2001 South Dakota Special Election Calendar


Date Description
January 15 Deadline for Attorney General to submit explanatory statements for ballot questions to the Secretary of State. (SDCL 12-13-9)
January 16 Deadline for Secretary of State to certify copies of all ballot questions to the county auditors. (SDCL 12-13-1)
February 26 Deadline for county central committees to submit names to the county auditor for election board workers. (SDCL 12-15-1)
March 1 Deadline for county auditor to mail copies of all submitted questions to the official county newspapers. (SDCL 12-13-2)
March 5-9 & 12-16 Weeks for notice of voter registration procedures - ARSD 5:02:04:04. (SDCL 12-4-5.2) See NOTE1.
March 12 Last day for Secretary of State to furnish county auditors with envelopes for mailing official returns of votes to the office of the Secretary of State. (SDCL 12-20-37)
  Last day for auditor to submit names of persons to be employed at an electronic voting system counting center to the county chairmen of each party to assure bipartisan representation. (SDCL 12-17B-11)
March 13-27 Time in which all official county newspapers must publish at least once the full text, title, and the Attorney General's explanation of each submitted ballot question. (SDCL 12-13-3)
March 20 Deadline for all general election ballots to be printed and in the auditor's possession. Absentee voting may begin whenever ballots are available. (SDCL 12-16-1, 12-16-17, 12-19-3)
March 21 Deadline for the county auditor to appoint judges and clerks of election for the precincts from names submitted by the county central committee of each party. If no names are submitted, the auditor may use discretion. (SDCL 12-15-1, 12-15-2, 12-15-3)
March 24-30 & March 31-April 6 Weeks in which the county auditor must publish the notice of the election - ARSD 5:02:04:05. (SDCL 12-12-1)
March 26 Voter registration deadline for special election. (SDCL 12-4-5)
March 31 First day for test of electronic voting system tabulating equipment. Notice of the time and place of the test must be published in the official newspaper at least 48 hours prior to the testing - ARSD 5:02:09:01.01. (SDCL 12-17B-5)
April 1-9 Ballot question committees must file supplemental reports with the Secretary of State if they receive an aggregate contribution of $500 or more within the nine days preceding the election. The report must be filed within 48 hours of receipt of the contribution. (SDCL 12-25-13.1)
April 2 Deadline for auditors to inform Secretary of State as to the number of precincts and kind of voting equipment being used. The Secretary of State also requests voter registration information in this report. (SDCL 12-14-12, 12-1-7.1)
April 3 Deadline for ballot question committees to file campaign finance reports of receipts and expenditures with the Secretary of State. Reports postmarked on or before this date are properly filed. (SDCL 12-25-13)
April 6 Deadline for publication of facsimile ballots in lieu of mailing to all registered voters. (SDCL 12-16-16)
  Polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. local time.
  Ballots and election supplies must be delivered to the superintendent of each election precinct prior to the opening of the polls. (SDCL 12-16-18)
  No applications for absentee ballots may be honored by the county auditor after 3:00 p.m. on election day. (SDCL 12-19-2.1)
April 13 Last day for the county canvass of election returns. (SDCL 12-20-36)
  County auditors must immediately send a certified copy of the official county canvass to the Secretary of State as the official returns of the election. (SDCL 12-20-38.1)
April 17 Last day for convening the state board of canvassers. (SDCL 12-20-47)
April 20 Deadline for petition for recount in precinct by voters of the precinct - ARSD 5:02:19:06. (SDCL 12-21-8)
April 27 Last day for filing petition for recount on a ballot question - ARSD 5:02:19:07. (SDCL 12-21-14) See NOTE2.
  Last day for initiating a contest by citizens on behalf of a ballot question, assuming the state canvass was completed on April 17 and no recount is in progress. (SDCL 12-22-5) See NOTE2.

NOTE1: At least five days shall intervene between publications which are to be done during consecutive weeks. (SDCL 17-2-17)

NOTE2: Above actions must be initiated within ten days following completion of the official state canvass. When a deadline falls on a Saturday or Sunday, an act may be performed on the next business day. (SDCL 1-5-4)


FOR ADDITIONAL ELECTION INFORMATION CONTACT: Chris Nelson, Secretary of State's Office, 500 E Capitol, Pierre, SD 57501, 605-773-3537,