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2004 South Dakota General Election Data

Ballot Questions Pamphlet

To obtain issue positions of the candidates for congressional, statewide and legislative offices call Project Vote Smart at 1-888-VOTE-SMART or visit their website

For immediate election returns on November 2nd, call the Secretary of State toll free at 1-888-70-ELECT or browse the results on the Secretary of State’s web page at .  The text of this pamphlet is also available on that web page.

This pamphlet is available in Braille or on tape by calling the SD State Library at 1-800-423-6665.

SDCL 12-13-23 requires the Office of Secretary of State to prepare and distribute public information concerning constitutional amendments, initiatives and referred measures.  This pamphlet is prepared by soliciting statements from the proponents and opponents of amendments and measures.

The title, explanation and effect of a vote for each ballot question were provided by the Attorney General.  No other statements on this pamphlet reflect the opinion of the State or the Attorney General.

The information was compiled by the Secretary of State as supplied by the writers, was not verified by the Secretary of State and does not reflect the position of the State regarding the legality or effect of the amendments or measures.  The Secretary of State does not guarantee the accuracy of any claims made by the proponent or opponent writers in this brochure.

Please feel free to photocopy and distribute this pamphlet.

Call 1-888-70-ELECT or E-mail for a free printed copy of this pamphlet

View Pros & Cons and Attorney General Explanations

View Ballot Question Texts and Attorney General Explanations