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2008 South Dakota General Election Data

South Dakota Ballot Question Status

Questions that will appear on the 2008 election ballot

Constitutional Amendment G - Repeal certain reimbursement restrictions for travel by legislators to and from a legislative session.  View full text of HJR1003.

Constitutional Amendment H - Repeal certain provisions of the State Constitution relating to corporations.  View full text of HJR1001.

Constitutional Amendment I - Provide for a maximum of forty legislative days each year.  View full text of HJR1004.

Constitutional Amendment J - Eliminate term limits for legislators.  View full text of SJR1.

Initiated Measure 9 - South Dakota Small Investors Protection Act.   View full text of petition.

Initiated Measure 10 - South Dakota Open and Clean Government Act. 

Initiated Measure 11 - Regulate the performance of certain abortions, to reinstate the prohibition against certain acts causing the termination of the life of an unborn human being and to prescribe a penalty therefore. View full text of petition.

Measures received and going through petition validation process


Measures which have received LRC comments but not yet circulating


Informational Note: 

Beginning with the 2004 election and each succeeding election, all ballot questions will be consecutively designated with letters or numbers.

This page is continuously updated with the most current documents received and/or filed.