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2020 Political Party State Conventions and Certification of Nominated Candidates

12-5-17. Biennial state conventions - Time and place--Notice to secretary of state. Each political party shall hold a state convention in each even-numbered year for the purposes stated in 12-5-21. The state central committee of each political party shall determine the time and place of the convention. The chair of the committee shall notify the secretary of state at least fifteen business days prior to the date chosen.

12-5-21. Nomination of state candidates not voted on at primary - Presidential electors and national committee members. The state convention shall nominate candidates for lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state, state auditor, state treasurer, commissioner of school and public lands, and public utilities commissioner and in the years when a President of the United States is to be elected, presidential electors and national committeeman and national committeewoman of the party.

*Political party convention information will be posted once we receive notification from the respective parties.