Secretary of State Personnel Security Firewall Policy

Secretary of State internal procedures for internal firewall security are as follows:

  1. Of utmost importance is avoiding the appearance of impropriety.
  2. Written acknowledgment by all Secretary of State personnel that they have received, reviewed, and are in full compliance with the office’s candidate conflict of interest protocol, as stated below:
    1. All Secretary of State personnel who are a candidate for public office shall receive the same material and information all candidates for the same public office receive;
    2. All Secretary of State personnel who are a candidate for public office shall be treated by the remaining Secretary of State personnel in the same manner as any candidate for the same public office;
    3. A prohibition against disclosing written or oral public or non-public materials or information with any Secretary of State personnel who is a candidate for the public office to which the information pertains, with the exception of material or information that is disseminated to or made available to all candidates for said public office shall be made available to the firewalled Secretary of State personnel;
    4. A candidate may examine and has free access to their own information, such as nominating petitions, etc., but only after the secretary of state’s office has finished whatever procedures the office performs as mandated by statute or rule;
    5. Internal restrictions to help assure the confidentiality of public or non-public material or information, including but not limited to, limiting access to office areas where the information may be discussed and securing confidential documents in locked cabinets or other secure locations;
    6. Limiting access of those who are running for public office to the material in the Secretary of State’s office that pertains to the public office for which they are a candidate;

Specific Areas that are excluded from secretary of state personnel who are candidates:

  • Random samples of that race's petitions
  • Recounts on that particular race
  • Ballot drawing for order on the ballot for that particular race
  • Election night results
  • Ballot Certification for that particular race
  • Election Canvass
  • Sign certifications for that particular race
  • Remove name/photo from the Election Night Reporting System

All personnel for the Secretary of State’s Office have signed this policy.