Bingo, Lottery and Raffle Registration

Click Here to view raffle requests sent to the South Dakota Secretary of State's Office.

South Dakota law (SDCL 22-25-25) allows certain types of organizations to hold bingo and lottery games under specific guidelines.

Please review the statute linked above thoroughly to verify that your organization is authorized to conduct a bingo or lottery game.

If your organization is authorized and chooses to conduct a lottery and tickets or shares for the lottery are sold state-wide the organization must provide written notice of the lottery to the secretary of state and to the governing body where the drawing for such lottery is held.

Please compose the notice on your organization's letterhead and list the following:

  1. date of starting the raffle
  2. what will be in your raffle
  3. where and when you will be doing the drawing for the raffle

Submit your request to the Secretary of State's office 30 days prior to starting the raffle. Please notify the governing body of the county or municipality where the drawing will be held.