Spirit of Entrepreneurship

Secretary of State Shantel Krebs announced the creation of the Spirit of Entrepreneurship project to spotlight the individuals and businesses who are risking capital, creating jobs and driving economic growth in South Dakota.

Growing up in Arlington, SD in a family of entrepreneurs and having owned and operated two businesses in downtown Sioux Falls, Secretary Krebs understands the hard work and enjoyment that comes from seeing an idea come to life and become your livelihood.

In her first six months in office, Secretary Krebs has dedicated her time to reforming the Business Division in the office and has made good customer service and timely filings a top priority for those who rely on the office.

“That first experience with government in South Dakota will shape new company’s impression of our state’s business climate, which is why it is so important for us to offer a first-rate experience for everyone in the business community.”

Secretary Krebs is asking for input from individuals across South Dakota who can help shine a light on the deserving stories of successful and compelling entrepreneurs.

To nominate a business in your community please contact Jason Williams with the Secretary of State’s office at 605-773-3537 or email