Getting a Notary Seal

What About the Notary Seal?

  • Notary Seal may be purchased at an office supply company, stationery store, or a print shop. There are three types of seals that are generally available for purchase -- the embossing seal, the rubber stamp and the perma-stamp. Any one of the three stamps is acceptable as a notary seal. The seal must contain the applicant's name, the words "Notary Public" and "South Dakota", and a border surrounding the imprint. If a rubber stamp is used, the word "Seal" must be included on the stamp.
  • A notary must write, print or use a device made for such printing, the words "My commission expires" and the expiration date below the official seal imprint. If the words are printed on the form, the notary need not duplicate them.
  • It is absolutely necessary that the imprint of the applicant's Notary Seal be included on the Application-Oath and Bond form when it is submitted to the Office of the Secretary of State.